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Vinay Patel

Director of Finance

Vinay began his career qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in New Zealand. After moving to the UK in 2012 and prior to beginning his role as Director of Finance, Vinay spent ten years working as a consultant for Veracity, eventually transitioning into the role of Director of Finance and Accounting. Within his current role, Vinay is responsible for the financial reporting, creating and setting the strategic vision for the agency, checking and challenging forecasts, liaising with delivery leads and tracking internally how leads are performing. His wide-ranging experience in various roles within Veracity has awarded him the ability to understand the business on a deeper level; familiarising himself with its strengths along with being able to forecast its areas of improvement.


His decade-long experience as a consultant has enabled Vinay to see both sides of the business and understand details that may otherwise go unnoticed by associates and employees within an agency. His experience of both the internal and external workings of Veracity enable him to understand the pitfalls that could be encountered by Veracity’s associates, meaning he’s able to challenge division leads and the actions that go on within the business. His deep understanding of his field, along with his experience, have helped Veracity to become the thriving organisation it is today.

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