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Steve Dyer

 Service Delivery Manager

Steve’s experience within the IT sector spans over thirty years, with the majority of his roles focusing on the operational and service delivery side of businesses. Holding an extensive background in the public sector, Steve’s career has involved him working with large outsourcers and global clients including the Ministry of Justice, before joining the team within Veracity as Delivery Manager.

Steve’s job as Delivery Manager is essential to the success of Veracity’s clients. Driving collaboration and working hand in hand with its clients and associates to deliver the key services and outcomes that ensure the success of its customers. Whether that’s interviewing and recruiting potential candidates, monitoring contracts, collecting clear and accurate data, or making sure that the team is meeting all its contract deliverables, Steve’s work within the DDaT space is working through some of the many fundamental tasks that are involved between clients and consultants. Within his role he also helps deliver governance, assurance and continuous improvement across Veracity’s portfolio of work. He commits to understanding the scope of the projects that need to be done, the clients’ expectations and then finding the best people for the job, whilst making sure that Veracity is delivering a well thought-out and thorough client experience whilst maintaining clear communication along the way.

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