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Natasha Hook

Operations & Finance Manager

The role of Operations and Finance Manager is essential to both Veracity’s clients and employees. With over twenty years of experience in office managerial and administrative roles, Natasha understands the continuous maintenance that goes into keeping an organisation running efficiently. Bridging the gap between associates and clients, her work maintains the clear communication that is essential within a business. With a background ranging in roles such as Bookkeeper, Office Manager and various other positions, Natasha understands and adapts to all the needs and problems that can arise within an office, making sure that even the smallest issues are handled professionally and quickly. She acts as the central hub to the company’s inner workings and is consistently a point of knowledge for all that are involved within Veracity, making sure that employees have the right answers to the questions that keep the consultancy going. After taking her ECDL in 2001, her knowledge of IT has evolved with the continuous advancements of technology, along with her experience and knowledge within Veracity. 


One of the most important parts of Natasha’s role is ensuring that Veracity supplies only the highest quality of associates to its clients. Her thorough knowledge and screening of associates, identifying that all are BPSS checked, means that the work Veracity delivers is of an excellent standard and meets the clients’ needs and expectations.

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