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Mark Wildig

Managing Director

Holding an extensive background in accounting within both the public and private sectors, Mark Wildig’s role within Veracity Consulting is ensuring that the strategy and performance is meeting both the company’s and clients’ expectations. Mark holds over eighteen years of accounting experience including his first four years within KPMG and PWC, otherwise known as ‘The Big Four’. His qualifications include, but aren’t limited to, a certificate in Law of Mergers and Acquisitions from the London School of Economics, training in Financial Modelling and his membership as a Fellow of the AAT. 

Mark’s understanding of the needs and inner workings of a successful organisation is demonstrated in his day to day work within Veracity. Ensuring that clients receive the highest quality of results is a goal that Mark’s style of management consistently meets. This is through his careful attention to detail and his continuous monitoring of his team’s performance against the strategy that he sets out. Mark works closely with both Veracity’s directors and its clients to ensure that the unique needs of each organisation are closely analysed and taken into account. His consistent delivery of strategy and bespoke solutions means he is fully aware of what it takes to transform organisations into thriving and successful businesses.

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