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Ella O'Driscoll

Corporate Services & Operations Assistant

Ella’s previous employment fully prepared her for the job within Veracity. Formerly in Office Management, she was in charge of maintaining the daily ins and outs of seven businesses. After moving from Australia to London, she began her work in Veracity as its Corporate Services and Operations Assistant, supporting the daily workings that keep the business running. Her previous experience has given her a unique set of skills, enabling her to understand the important aspects of what happens within a business and all the fine details that go into maintaining it. Ella’s role involves working closely with the IT department, ensuring that Veracity’s software and cyber security works appropriately, helping resolve any issues and assuring that all of its employees are able to keep their work secure. She manages policies, contracts, events and all of the tasks that require daily maintenance. Alongside this, Ella is in charge of the digital marketing and social media, creating an immaculate face for Veracity’s brand and ensuring that its messaging remains clear and consistent. One of the most vital parts of Ella’s role is supporting management and the other employees, she handles any of the problems that require solving and the many consistent jobs that are essential to the smooth running of Veracity.

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