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Modern Slavery Statement

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Veracity OSI UK Limited (“Veracity”) is committed to ensuring there is no potential for modern slavery or human trafficking in any of our business operations and, to the best of our ability, in our supply chains and suppliers. Although the reporting requirements of section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 do not currently apply to Veracity, we are making this statement to demonstrate our awareness of the importance of this issue and our commitment to seeing it eradicated in the UK.


Veracity’s Structure, Business and Supply Chain

Veracity is a boutique consultancy practice delivering a range of consultancy services primarily to UK public sector clients. We are a part of Outsourcing Inc, a multinational group listed on the Japanese stock market.

We are structured with a small head office function responsible for strategy, resourcing, HR, IT, finance and sales together with a number of consultancy teams based on client sites. Our consultancy teams comprise a blend of permanent consultants and associates.

Our associates provide services through their own limited companies, and we source these primarily through Allen Lane Limited, a well-respected recruitment business which is also part of the Outsourcing Inc group.

We have a limited number of suppliers, the key one being the building management company who operate the building where our head office is based, together with specialist providers for professional services (legal, insurance) and information technology. Cleaning staff are engaged by our sister company CDER Group, also part of the Outsourcing Inc group.

Veracity’s Policy relating to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

This statement sets out our policy to avoid modern slavery through our business and supply chains, the responsibilities of staff within the business, the signs of modern slavery and actions to be taken if this is suspected.


Processes to Identify and Avoid Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

When engaging individuals either as employees or associates, we only used agreed specified reputable recruitment agencies. Our preferred supplier is Allen Lane Limited, a member of the Outsourcing Inc group.

All individuals engaged by the company are interviewed in person by senior managers within Veracity, all of whom are aware of the key signs of modern slavery. Veracity works primarily with skilled professional consultants and it is unlikely that these individuals will be subject to modern slavery, but we take a number of steps to identify any potential exploitation. As part of this, we (or a trusted agency acting on our behalf) conduct a range of background checks, including obtaining copies of passports and, where appropriate, any documentation evidencing right to work. We also review the employment history of potential workers over a number of years and take up references.


We undertake the same checks for any individuals engaged on a permanent basis by the company, and all have a written contract of employment and are provided with full information on their statutory rights and benefits.

If any signs of modern slavery are identified or suspected, this will be reported to the Managing Director who will review the situation and determine the appropriate next steps. We will seek advice from or make reports to the Modern Slavery Helpline in such cases.

We have reviewed the Modern Slavery statements made by our key supply chain partner Allen Lane Limited and our building managers and are satisfied that they are taking all reasonable steps to avoid modern slavery. Where we interact with individuals not directly engaged by us, such as reception and cleaning staff, we seek to spot any potential signs of modern slavery and, in the first instance, would report any concerns to the appropriate employer.

Effectiveness of Monitoring

In the history of Veracity, we have engaged  hundreds of consultants and never had any cases of identified or suspected modern slavery. We continue to be vigilant and ensure that processes remain current and effective, and to keep our supply chains and suppliers under review.


All staff involved in engaging workers on a permanent or associate basis or dealing with suppliers and supply chains have been identified for appropriate training in identifying modern slavery and human trafficking over the course of the next 12 months.


This statement is made voluntarily as if section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 applied to Veracity. This constitutes Veracity’s modern slavery and human trafficking statement for the current financial year.





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