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Management Consultancy Framework 3 (RM6187) – Lot 4 (Finance)


This framework is awarded by Crown Commercial Service, through which, any UK public sector customer can access strategic and operational financial advice.



Technology Services 3 (RM6100) – Lot 1 (Technology Strategy and Service Design) and Lot 2 (Transition and Transformation)


This framework awarded by Crown Commercial Service is used by UK public sector customers to access technology consultancy:


  • Lot 1 is used for technology strategy and service design.


  • Lot 2 is used for transition and transformation implementing new services, suppliers, architectures and processes.



G-Cloud 13


G-Cloud is an online catalogue of services for transition to or between Cloud computing services. These can be consumed by any public sector customer on an as-required basis. Veracity has 24 services available on the catalogue.



Digital Outcomes 6 (DOS6)


The DOS6 framework provides access for a wide range of IT-related services on a service-package outcomes basis.



ESPO Consultancy Services Framework (664_21)


This framework, awarded by East Shires Purchasing Organisation, can be used by any public sector organisation to access a broad range of consultancy services. Veracity provides services under several lots:


  • Lot 1 - Business Services (includes business transformation, change management, organisational design, project and programme management, risk management and service improvement).


  • Lot 2d - General Finance


  • Lot 2e - Procurement


  • Lots 6a - Operational IT, and 6b - Strategic IT: (includes support with strategic development and reviews, cost analysis, forecasting and planning, process mapping and development of software, Cloud solutions and server solutions).

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