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Andreas Toumazos

Director of Consulting Services, DDaT

Andreas holds a crucial role within Veracity and the delivery of their Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT), and wider services the organisation provides to its clients. His career has so far seen him in a variety of customer-orientated and delivery roles. Beginning with service management and the recruitment side of consulting, Andreas worked his way up to a role building and delivering projects and programmes to central government, looking at end to end solutions. From there he moved further into the delivery, governance and assurance space which is now part of his primary role.


At the core of Andreas’ position, he leads Veracity's Consulting, Advisory and Managed Service portfolio of work, specifically across DDaT, developing and delivering the DDaT function and strategy, whilst working in partnership with our clients to establish the successful delivery of its projects and programmes. He ensures that Veracity’s clients are heard and understood in what they’re aiming to deliver and achieve strategically, making sure that he is present in every step of the way. His experience within all sides of the consulting profession have enabled him to understand the importance of flexible and bespoke solutions and allowed him to create a partnership-focused delivery approach in which the customer’s needs are paramount.

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